Privacy Policy

Like any software service, you trust us with the information you provide to us. We understand that while you do so, we should take the responsibility to ensure that your information is protected and put you in control.

The following Privacy Policies are to help you understand what information we collect, we collect it, and how you can update, manage, export, and delete your information.

SIXER VIDEO is a job marketplace that allows companies and job seekers to find their best match. Our services include:
Video Screening – helping companies to screen candidates rather than spending time reviewing CV’s, to reduce the time of hire and help create an increase in the quality of recruitment.
Video Job Posting – allows companies to video pitch a job and post both on the web and app by allowing job seekers to understand better than an e-advert.
Video Pitching – enabling job seekers/candidates to pitch a video for a job post which allows them to present themselves better than a CV.
Video Live Stream – to enable conversation among users remotely.